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Schools & Universities

Support positive mental health.

Stay Healthy2study offers UK schools and universities the ability to provide their students with a fully comprehensive 24/7, 365 days a year FREE mental health service staffed by counsellors who are masters qualified with a minimum of 5 years student mental health experience.

The burden on schools and universities to provide relevant mental health support is immense and along with the NHS are struggling to meet demand. Insufficient resources, long waiting times and with the stigma of seeking mental health support present many challenges.

This service is totally confidential and can be accessed by the students via telephone, video call, email, text and in-person counselling whenever required.

Our counsellors are trained professionals who can assist and support students in over 180 languages which enables us to reach out to domestic students and international students alike. Each institution is different and each individual has their own unique issues, we aim to take into account the requirements of todays students along with the increasing diversity of higher education providers. We audit all case files to ensure quality of service. We provide 100% reporting accountability whilst adhering to the students confidentiality and include an ROI report based on the institutions experience data.

For all students, participation in higher education offers challenges and opportunities and the task for institutions is to help students to capitalise on the positive mental health benefits of higher education.

Student retention is of increasing importance to schools and universities and being able to offer a service such as ours can go a long way to keeping students from dropping out or transferring. From an admissions point of view, the positive benefits of offering a mental wellness service can only be positive.


Stay Healthy2study will promote the service throughout the school or university with posters, banners, student ambassadors and if required, attend open days as a service provider. We also work collaboratively to provide resources and staff training to support positive mental health provision.

The student focus is paramount but we also highlight the importance of promoting and supporting the mental wellbeing of all staff. Please email for more information on this service.